eliot hall

Eliot Hall Access Plan

Since the mid-1980s we have raised over $425,000 and completed major
building projects including a full exterior restoration, extensive upgrades to mechanical systems, and restoration of our auditorium and hospitality areas.

We now address the need to improve building accessiblity while preserving the architectural integrity of this significant space.

Phase I

Includes construction of a ramp to permit first floor access and installation of accessible bathrooms. Completion of phase I will make the first floor of Eliot Hall fully accessible, permitting use of the Parker Room for small theatrical productions and community functions.

Fundraising for Phase I is well underway. We recently received a $40,000 Challenge Grant award in recognition of the $85,000 that we have raised toward this project. Fundraising will continue during the months ahead.

Phase II

Includes elevator installation to provide access to the second floor auditorium and stage levels of the building. Fundraising will begin upon completion of Phase I.

The Board of Trustees of Eliot Hall hope you will participate in the restoration and preservation of this historic building. You can donate here or by check.