The Music Man

November 2017

FLC Season Fundraiser

Directed by Vincent Ratsavong
Music Direction by David Wright
Music and Lyrics by Meredith Wilson

November 4 (Saturday), 8pm
November 5, (Sunday), 2pm
November 10 (Friday), 8pm
November 11 (Saturday), 8pm
November 12, (Sunday), 2pm
November 17 (Friday), 8pm
November 18 (Saturday), 2pm and 8pm

There's trouble in River City when a fast-talking salesman gets his heart stolen by the town librarian.This Tony-award winning classic musical comedy is fun for the entire family!


Harold Hill:  Tyler Crosby
Marian Paroo:  Stephanie Chambers
Marcellus Washburn:  Jim Foster
Mrs. Paroo:  Frances Price
Mayor Shinn:  Todd Rhinehardt
Eulalie Shinn:  Elizabeth Bean
Zaneeta Shinn/Dance Ensemble:  Julia Bandini
Olin Britt/Traveling Salesman 1:  Brian Bakofen
Ethel Toffelmeier:  Audrey Stuck-Girard
Oliver Hix/Traveling Salesman 2:  Chris Stuck-Girard
Alma His:  Christine Gill
Ewart Dunlop/Traveling Salesman 3:  Derrick Lacasse
Maude Dunlop:  Meghan Jolliffe
Jacey Squires/Traveling Salesman 4:  Alex Boyle
Mrs. Squires:  Allison Porter
Tommy Djilas/Dance Ensemble:  David Rodrigues
Charlie Cowell:  Dan Kelly
Winthrop Paroo:  Nathan Hutchinson
Gracie Shinn:  Katya Sacharow
Constable Locke/Conductor:  John Adam
Amaryllis:  Abigail Mokady
Dance Ensemble/Traveling Salesman 5:  David Gerrie
Dance Ensemble/Newspaper Reader 1:  TBD
Dance Ensemble/Newspaper Reader 2:  Katie Iafolla
Ensemble/Newspaper Reader 3:  Paul Marsh
Ensemble:  Jen Ryan Gelzleichter
                    Maureen Festa
                    Chelsea Chiwecko
Youth Ensemble: Leslie Marsh
                              Jake Michener
                              Jackson Daley
Dance Ensemble:  Stacy Sherman
                                Elizabeth Hasset


Director/Choreographer:  Vincent Ratsavong
Assistant Director:  David Rodrigues
Musical Director:  David Wright
Producer:  Carol Pyper
Producer:  Jesse Martin
Costumes:  Brian Simmons
Set:  Timothy Hinton
Props:  Valerie Tracy
Sound:  Olivia Sederlund
Lights:  Paul O'Shaughnessy
Stage Manager:  Kate Sylvester
Assistant Stage Manager:  Coco Coviello-Foster