Saturday, 11/16/19 @ 2:00pm - Legally Blonde (*Relaxed Performance)

Saturday, 11/16/19 @ 2:00pm - Legally Blonde (*Relaxed Performance)

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Box-office opens: 1:15 PM
Performance: 2:00 PM

This performance is “relaxed” and will accommodate patrons with sensitivity issues and enable those on the autism spectrum to experience Legally Blonde: The Musical. 

What “Relaxed” means:

  • Legally Blonde the Musical contains music featuring an electric guitar and drums, among other instruments. For the relaxed performance we are significantly reducing the amplification of the music and will be offering complimentary ear plugs. We invite patrons to bring additional ear protection if preferred.

  • Reduction of sound levels, especially loud or startling sounds.

  • Reduction of overwhelming stage lighting (including any strobe lights or lights focused on the audience).

  • Lights remain on at a low level in the theater during the performance. 

  • Patrons can talk and move around the theater as much as they wish during the performance, including a space to stand in the theater if needed.

  • The use of mobile electronic devices are allowed during the performance if they are being used as a communication device.

  • Designated break spaces will be available for those who might feel overwhelmed and need a break from the performance.

Accessibility: Please note that our stage is located on the second floor of our building, which can only be accessed by a flight of stairs.

Seating is assigned. You will be prompted to answer a few questions after you make your selection and ‘add to cart.’  We make our best effort to accommodate all requests, but can't guarantee a specific seat.

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