A Carol Christmas

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November/December 2018
Trustee Season Fundraiser

November 30 (Friday) 8:00 PM
December 1 (Saturday), 8:00 PM

Tickets: $30.00

A complimentary reception for ticket holders begins at 7:00 PM.

Since 1997, Carol Gallagher and friends have been raising money for the Eliot Hall Restoration Fund. Each year, audiences enjoy the warmth and hilarity of this unconventional Christmas Show.

Charlotte Dietz
Audrey Gallagher
Carol Gallagher
Ava Jacobs
Ella McIntyre
Josie McIntyre
Samuel Moscoso
John Raftery
Rodney Raftery
Jennifer Roberts 

Eli Bigelow: Music Director/Piano
Michael Glashow: Guitar
Nate MacMillen: Drums
Ben Scheindlin: Bass

Coco Coviello-Foster
Juliana Crampton
Susanna Crampton
Shannon Daly
Jason Dawson
John Douglass
Bill Edelman
Joe Gallagher
Lauren Gray
Eric Greimann
Milla Metlicka
Kristopher Moreau
Paul O’Shaughnessy
Cynthia Oehmig
Olivia Sederlund
Jason Sheehan
Chris Shelton
Karen Wepsic