Reporting Code of Conduct Violations

As stated in our Code of Conduct, the Footlight Club has a zero tolerance policy for harassment. This section explains how to report a violation of the Footlight Club harassment policy.

Who can report a problem?

Anyone can report harassment. If the behavior of a person or group has made you uncomfortable, or if you witness the harassing behavior happening to somebody else, you should feel free and safe to report it to Footlight Club staff.

Who can I make a report about?

Anyone whose behavior causes concern, be they part of the cast, the crew, the audience, the Club’s board, or otherwise. All reports will be handled equitably, with fairness to both parties, regardless of who is involved or their role.

When can I report a problem?

At any time. However, we request that reporting take place as soon as possible during or after an incident, especially if you believe that someone may be causing problems for another person. This will enable us to take action promptly to keep our community member(s) safe.  Reports will be taken seriously and handled appropriately regardless of when they are made.

How do I report a problem?

To report an incident, please send an email to This report will go to the current Footlight Club President, Vice President, and Productions Director. You may also speak to one of those three individuals directly to start the process.

If you need immediate assistance, call 911 immediately.

What will happen if I make a report?

If you make a report at an event

You will have the option to visit a safe/private space, where two staff members will listen to and document your report. Staff may also interview other people (witnesses, the person complained about, etc) as needed.

If you submit a report online/via email after an event

The Footlight Club’s Board of Directors will receive your report, and will follow up with you to collect any other information that may be necessary. They will then attempt to contact and interview other people (witnesses, the person complained about, etc) as needed.

What will the Footlight Club do in response to my report?

The Footlight Club will always prioritize the safety of all community members over any one person's desire to attend or participate in our events. To this end, we reserve the right to:

  • Request that someone who is causing problems change their behavior

  • Prevent someone from volunteering in particular capacities or in any capacity

  • Prevent someone from being paid or contracted in particular capacities or in any capacity

  • Revoke access to some or all events

  • Revoke tickets to events

  • Involve local security or law enforcement

  • Deny access to any events, temporarily or permanently

  • Choose not to take action

We will always do our best to balance the needs of all involved parties and the needs of an event, when they conflict.

What won’t happen if I make a report?

We will not reveal your identity or details you wish kept confidential unless it is necessary to obtain information about the incident, or to take action related to the incident.  While we cannot assure confidentiality in all instances, we will attempt to keep your personal information private to the extent that we can while acting in response to your report.

We will not take any sort of retaliatory action against you for reporting, or not reporting, a problem in good faith.

The safety of the parties and our community is our first priority. Will take no action against any reported party unless we have reasonable grounds to believe that the report is legitimate.

What will happen if someone says I caused a problem?

If someone makes a report about you, a representative of the board may ask to speak with you about it in a private place.

If you decline to be interviewed, we may ask you to leave the event. If, after gathering all relevant information, we believe that you have violated our policies, we may ask you to change your behavior, ask you to leave the event, or take other actions. We will not take action until we’ve done our best to get a clear picture of what happened.

If we believe that no violation occurred, we will inform you and no action will be taken against you. We will not attempt to mediate or carry messages between you and the person who made the report. If someone deliberately makes a false report about you, we will take appropriate action in response.